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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Recently, my hair has been FRIED by bleach - I can't seem to find a decent hairdresser who colours it exactly how I want so I'm stupidly getting it done every 3 weeks at a new salon each time. This has resulted in me spending hours surfing the internet for hair rescue remedies with banging reviews and it's safe to say I've tried (almost) EVERYTHING out there in an attempt to save this bundle of straw on my head...

So without further ado, I present a little collection of bargains and bank breakers that I've LOVED the most on this journey to taming my tresses!

(L-R) Bleach London 'Reincarnation Mask', Kérastase Resistance 'Soin Premier Thérapiste', AVEDA 'Dry Remedy', TRESemme 'Keratin Smooth Heat Protector Spray'

1. 'Reincarnation Mask' by Bleach London - £6

This bad boy is the most hyped product of the year, I actually was recommended this! Can we just talk about the packaging? It's in this awesome foil tube that makes squeezing the formula out SO smooth and easy, especially when you have 0.5% left! The mask itself was deliciously thick and creamy, so it instantly felt really dense in my hair which I LOVED as it felt like it was actually giving my locks a deep conditioning. Smell-wise I couldn't really pick up a strong scent (maybe this is because I'm currently fighting off what feels like a permanent cold!) but it was quite pleasantly sweet. From the first wash it made my hair feel extremely soft but as I dried it I still had a tiny bit of frizz, as I've only used this product once, this may change over time! RATING - 7/10

2. 'Soin Premier Thérapiste' by Kérastaste - £14.80

I'm in LOVE with this range. The smell is INCREDIBLE and the difference it made was astonishing - I used this product along with the shampoo and deep conditioner after I first had my hair bleached in order to get it back to good condition so I could go lighter. And it WORKED. This little number is actually a 'pre shampoo', this concept is rather new to me, but apparently putting a treatment on your hair before you shampoo is a 'thing' now, and what a great one it is! The formula istelf is an absolute investment, I'm still on my first bottle and have had to replace the shampoo and conditioner in this range 2/3 times! This product spreads so evenly and left my hair feeling really soft after 1 use. RATING - 9/10

3. 'Dry Remedy' Masque by Aveda - £29.50

Despite smelling like absolute heaven, this mask isn't as creamy as the 'Reincarnation Mask' by Bleach London, but I don't feel like this is a bad thing. Although I saw the quickest results using the Kérastase range, this product did improve the shininess of my hair, but I'm not sure how long lasting this is in the long run. I tend to leave a hair masque on for 20-30 minutes, or even longer if I have the time and I feel this masque works better the longer you leave it. Like I mentioned earlier, the smell is phenomenal and really soaks into the hair, this leaving it smelling freshly washed for ages. RATING 8/10

4. 'Keratin Smooth Heat Protector Spray' by TRESemme - £5.78

For a heat protector spray, this does what it says on the tin and is super easy to use. Unlike most other heat protector sprays  this big boy doesn't leave behind a oily residue. I use about 3-4 sprays on the ends of my hair as thats where I tend to use curlers and I find it adds a little bit of shine but I'm not sure to what extend this actually protects my hair (as it's still frizzy on the ends and I don't have any dye put there!) The smell, as you can guess, is delightful just like all the other treats in this post, so that's a plus. I wouldn't usually go for a heat protector spray as it's just another stage to add to your hair care routine but if you're a tong addict like me - DEFO invest in one. RATING 6.5/10
So what are your guys' favourite hair care products?

Have you used any of these items and have a different view!? Let me know!
Much love, A xo

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pre-Easter Drugstore Favourites aka LIFE CHANGERS!

Aloha lovelies!

This week has been so busy for me already, despite it only being Tuesday! Work-wise March has been reasonably quiet so far, but I've found myself booking 3 jobs in 48 hours!? Craziness. Some of the projects I'm booked on are REALLY cool... I'm not going to give too much away right this second but if you guys follow me on Twitter (@amyseys) then you'll be full of updates! Even though I'm totally hyped for the next couple of weeks, it does mean that I unfortunately can't do anything too crazy image-wise; I'm back to nude coloured natural nails and not a slither of fake tan...I promise. Check out my most recent look by Vic Reeve (check her out!), sadly this hairdo is also on the list of no-nos. The life of an actress ey? 


Since we are already so deep in 2016, I thought I'd share with you guys some drugstore products that I'm LOVING right now. Not going to lie,  I'm currently bareMinerals and Too Faced's number 1 fan, but these easily accessible drugstore goodies have really proved themselves!

This concealer is SO worth the hype. I apply it with the nifty applicator attached to the lid and work it into my skin using a damp Real Technique's Miracle Complexion sponge (which itself has changed my makeup game significantly!!) This provides a smooth and build able coverage and also isn't bank breaking at a mere £5.49. I'm happy as pie to board the band wagon with this one!

I was SO excited when I walked into my local Superdrug and seen they had stocked up on all their brushes and had even added the entire Ultra Metals collection. I have never owned a brush like this; it works amazing for drawing an initial sharp contour line before blending. IT IS SO SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL. Sadly I only got this brush from the stand as my boyfriend had to physically drag me away from the display due to the fact I got over excited. ALSO for all you fellow students out there - Superdrug does student discount! I never knew this before but they give you a helpful 10% off so long as you have a Superdrug beautycard. Every little helps ;) This retails at £9.99 and is worth every penny.

This stuff is phenomenal and so reasonably priced at £3. I often reach for this especially if I'm running errands/going shopping as I know it won't budge! This little cutie lasts all day and isn't overly dramatic for a fresh everyday glam. The pigmentation is out of this world as well, and doesn't  doesn't dry your lips at all. A HUGE thumbs up from me!

Although this clearly isn't make up, This skincare product has become an absolute asset to my skincare routine and I couldn't live without it! As a connoisseur of fake tan, it's soooo important to exfoliate your skin 24 hours before bronzing and this little tub of love does exactly what it says on the tin. The creamy emulsion doesn't leave you feeling sore and dry which I often find after exfoliating.  It's so easy to forget to care for your skin as you may not think you need to, but you'll really see a difference giving some TLC to the largest organ on your body. This little tub sells at £4.99 and is a real pay off.

That's all I'm gunna bang on about today, I hope my recommendations have ignited the inner make up junkie! 

Let me know if you have any drug store favourites that you would recommend! 

Muchos love, A x

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Health Hype: Green Matcha?!?


Despite my birthday being a good few weeks behind us, I am still feeling the buzz of living my last 'teenage' year. Having also recently started Yoga alongside my regular Pilates classes, I am attempting to be more 'mindful' about life so I can reflect back on my teenage years as happy memories and life lessons and attempt (as much as it pains me) to welcome PROPER adulthood with open arms. Saying this,  I have also accepted that my mum will probably always do my washing due to my inability to master the art of the washing machine (well I hope she will anyway, wishful thinking.) 

ANYWAY, I am proud to omit myself from the 1 in 3 people who ditch their New Year's resolutions by January. Yes - I am still determined that my physique will resemble that of Beyoncé's by the summer. However, as hard as this is to admit, the urge to exercise does not come naturally to me in any way, shape or form so taking steps to achieve my fitness goal has been challenging (to say the least!) A little birdie told me that keeping fit and healthy is 60% diet, 40% exercise, and as a self confessed foodie, I finally saw a way of working towards a little waist and big behind that I could look forward to!

Almost like magic, at time when my health is at the front of my mind, Type The Hype have assigned me to review Kineta's Matcha Tea, a up-and-coming antioxidant powerhouse that boosts your metabolism, burns calories, detoxifies naturally and also gives you a boost of energy (a recent study found that Matcha even improved physical endurance by 24%!) The list of health benefits this little pot of green magic has is endless, so I was more than happy to take on the challenge of experimenting with various recipes. 

I absolutely LOVED the packaging! The lid resembled that of a fizzy drink can and I thought that was really quirky and cute.

To start things off, I decided to stick with what I know and integrate my Matcha powder into my morning breakfast protein smoothie! I've been using the popular Slender Blend Vanilla Protein Powder for a few months now and absolutely love it (now you can even buy it at Superdrug!). I don't use this product as a meal replacement, I simply use it to ensure I'm topped up with nutrients! However, adding protein to this little recipe isn't essential.  My usual smoothie consists of:

For this little trail, I swapped the Cocoa Powder for Matcha as they have similar health benefits and the thought of chocolate flavoured green tea didn't exactly make my mouth water.

Blender-wise, you can't go wrong with Kenwood smoothie makers, I personally use a Blend X Fresh BLP400WH as unfortunately I broke my trusty SB055 Smoothie 2GO Maker in a freak frozen-banana-blade-snapping incident. It was a traumatic experience (but my Blend X Fresh works just as well!)

This smoothie actually tasted awesome, despite my boyfriend nicknaming my new and improved breakfast concoction 'swamp juice.' A definite 10/10 from me. I also felt surprisingly more energised and found myself feeling fuller for longer, yay!

The finished product - ta daaah!

Next up I played it pretty safe and made a easy cup of Matcha tea (boiled water and 1/2 tsp of Matcha.) As a keen green tea drinker, I was interested to see if this tasted much different etc. As expected, it was similar to the taste of your standard green tea so I decided to mix it up a little by adding a splash of Sweetened Almond Milk which worked really nicely. I haven't got any pictures of this little adventure as it was pretty much just making a cuppa! 

I'd love to have more time to experiment more, but looking my man-flu stricken partner has somewhat restricted my 'me' time (I mean... who is that ill that they can't change the channel on the TV by their self!) But I'm edging towards a potential 'Matcha Green Thai Curry' recipe as Thai food is really tickling my tastebuds at the moment and I can't get enough of this Matcha tea! What do you guys think I should try next??

Much love, A x

P.S Although I have linked previously, you can buy this delicious Matcha tea for only £17.95 here. You'll soon get addicted like me, I'm sure! 

Monday, 15 February 2016


Hello gorgeous people!

I feel on top of the world right now, yesterday was my birthday (yes I'm a valentine's baby hehe) and I've had the most wonderful weekend with my family and friends!

It's ridiculous the amount of blog posts I have in my 'draft's and haven't published yet! But as a perfectionist.. these posts take time as I only want to share the best of the best with you guys ;)

I could rant on about my excuses for being rather quiet recently.. but would much rather show you guys a few pictures from my birthday!!

Me with my AMAZING bespoke birthday cake - decorated with dried raspberry, meringue and drizzled white chocolate with a chocolate flavoured sponge!

My present arrangement featuring yet another snap of my cake - sooo delicious.

My dessert at my family birthday meal - Dark chocolate mousse drizzled with blueberry coulis and fig!

One of my favourite presents - Nike Air Force 1's with snakeskin print, available from Office!

I'll be uploading more pictures as I get my pictures developed from my disposable camera (I love that gritty texture of analog images!) Another one of my presents from my boyfriend is a tour of the Harry Potter studios! Some of you potter head's shall be very pleased!

I'm also very pleased to announce that I shall be working alongside Minty Coco reviewing their teeth whitening kit and also with Results with Lucy to try and get my summer body under way. 2016 is looking so fab!

Much love, A x

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Redken Extreme Review!

Hello daaaarlings

Sorry I've been rather unactive in terms of blogging recently, I've bagged myself a presenting job for an online TV channel called theGOSS and have been cramming in last minute xmas prezzie shops so have been all other the place!

The fabulous Gemma at Type the Hype sent me some lovely Redken goodies in association with Rush shop which I've been SUPER excited to try. Rush stock a HUGE variety of professional hair and beauty products, follow them at twitter at @shoprush.

Recently I've taken the plunge and changed hairdressers. I've been a frequent client at the same salon for about 3 years now and have ALWAYS been different variations of blonde. However I've never been 100% pleased with how my colour looked a week or so after my appointments.  I found the blonde dyes they used were never 'cool' enough for the ashy blonde look I wanted, hence my recent disloyalty! Bleach is notorious for damaging hair if wrongly applied, and recently I've noticed my once thick hair has really thinned out and is dry... sadly my old hair dresser hadn't properly analysed my hair condition and was running strong bleach through my damaged ends, this making my hair more brittle!! My lovely new hairdresser had many recommendations of products I could use to rebuild the strength of my hair so I could go even blonder the next time I saw him, the Redken 'Extreme' range being top of the list. My new hairdresser is actually a consultant at Rush so I guess it's just a coincidence I landed this assignment!

The first thing I noticed about the product is it's smell. It smells so fresh and gives my hair that 'fresh-out-the-salon' scent that makes fighting the urge to constantly smell your hair an impossible task! The samples sent to me only had enough product for 2 washes as I've gots me a super long mane, but I was so intrigued to see if the product did what it said on the tin that I purchased my own full sized bottle of the shampoo for only £10.20 on look fantastic's online shop! I also went for a bottle of the anti-snap treatment too to spice things up a bit.

I've been using my Redken extreme shampoo for a couple of weeks now (washing my hair every 2 days) and I really can see a difference. My hair definitely is a lot shinier, but I have also been applying a conditioning hair mask EVERY time I wash my hair so that could have contributed to my new found glossiness! However, I have been alternating shampoos over the 2 weeks, every other wash I'll use OGX weightless hydration coconut shampoo (only £6.99 from Boots = bargain!) as my first wash, followed by my Redken extreme shampoo as Redken products are packed with proteins and other nutrients and I don't want to overwhelm my hair with chemicals!

Overall, I am really impressed by this product. I would LOVE to try some more of Redken's products as I'm intrigued by the amount of different products they have per range.

Hope this has helped some of you queens who want to banish those snapped ends and have long healthy locks in time for summer!

Much love xxxx

Monday, 30 November 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW - Makeup Revolution London's 'Ultra Base Corrector Palette'

Hello darlings,

I've been mooching about to try and find a decent colour correcting palette after having a rather traumatic experience using Makeup Academy's Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette - the product was basically like putting cheap greasy £1 face paint on. I'd rather have spent the £4 on 4 mayo chickens from McDonalds, and I'm a vegetarian. I read a couple of reviews online and found a range called 'Yaby' on Cocktail Cosmetics that do refillable concealer palettes with a kaleidoscope of colours that banish dark circles, dullness, redness and uneven pigmentation! However the palette in total cost around £50.... swiftly moving on...

I then came across Makeup Revolution's dupe ABH contour palette on a make up artist's instagram, so I was intrigued to see if they could answer my unconcealed prayers.. and BOY DID THEY DELIVER! Initially, however, I was uncertain about buying from Makeup Revolution as the brand's section in my local superdrug is usually really untidy and 80% of the products have been opened and swatched (not the best first impressions!) But it seemed rude not to fork out £6 for what appeared to be the delightfully creamy and pigmented palette of my dreams.

After purchasing from the brand's site , the product flew through my letter box a mere 2 days after ordering which really impressed me. I also got a free medium concealer palette 'tester' which was basically the actual product just without casing! I was really impressed by this as everybody loves a good freebee (I've been known to sprint across a crowded shopping mall as I spotted free Nature Valley bars being given out and I don't even like Nature Valley bars.) 

The concealers themselves are surprisingly creamy and there are a total of 8 in the palette - pink, lilac, green, orange, peach, silver (highlight), yellowy green and a muted red. Each one less than a £1 which is an absolute bargain.

As I am a novice at colour correcting, I still had to google where to put each colour and what it counteracts. Perhaps a face map or 'how to' leaflet could have been included in the pack but this isn't a major loss. Another aspect I'm not to blown away by is the depth of the colours, they are all really pale so aren't as effective as they could be.

Overall, however, I'm really pleased. Aesthetically, the palette looks really chic and isn't flimsy in the slightest, the range of colours is also fab ESPECIALLY for its amazing price. 7.5/10!

Hope this has come in handy for my fellow makeup junkies looking to expand their collections!

Much love x

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Let's talk TAN - Mystic vs Versaspa

Hello beautiful people,

Although we now deep into winter and Christmas is just around the corner, I've become somewhat addicted with having a tan. I know this new 'obsession' (haha) of mine completely clashes with the time of year, (I mean, who has a fresh Mediterranean glow in the middle of November!?) but I personally feel more confident when my skin looks sun kissed so WHY NOT GET A SPRAY TAN!

Normally I use St Tropez bronzing mousse on my body as it's easy to apply, streak free and doesn't smell TOO bad. However, my favourite method of achieving a golden glow is by treating myself to a spray tan. Luckily, I live near 2 'Tanning Shops' (that's the actual name of the salon) which have automated spray tan booths so you don't have to go through that awkward 5 minutes standing half naked in front of a total stranger. However, one of the shops uses the 'Mystic Tan HD' booth, whilst the other uses 'Versaspa Tan.'

I've only ever been in the Mystic Tan booth, but this time I decided to test the Versaspa booth as I've read great reviews about it online and felt a bit daring ;)

Straight away the Versaspa booth looks a lot more fresh and 'modern' than the Mystic one as it was walk in as opposed to having a door. I was also offered a pre and post tan priming option at no extra cost, this involving a moist mist being sprayed before and after the colour is applied, this is an option Mystic HD doesn't offer. Another choice (ahhhh so many) that the lovely assistant offered me was whether I wanted a 'clear' finish or 'bronzed' finish, the difference being that the 'bronzed' finish would show colour straight away whereas the 'clear' would develop... I went for bronzed woopwoop.

The session was quick and simple, instructions made extra clear through guide posters and a how-to video shown on the side of the booth. I felt this tan dried a lot quicker as I put my clothes on almost instantly after stepping out the booth, whereas Mystic HD I would stand in the booth drying for ages as I always felt tacky even 15/20 minutes after having the tan done.

In terms of colour, both tans were similar within the fact it looked more natural after a day or so. So colour wise I couldn't really see a difference. I would say the smell of the Versaspa was more pleasant, I personally don't mind the smell of fake tan but I still found this didn't have a particularly strong scent.

Overall I would 100% recommend Versaspa over Mystic Tan HD. I just really preferred my experience in the Versaspa booth and the formula felt a lot more lightweight and pleasant!!!

I hope my little comparison has been of help to anyone stuck between the two!! Don't hesitate to drop me a message on my twitter or instagram if you want to know more.

Peace n Love xo